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Written by Grayson Toal // Graphics by Grayson Toal

You don't have to be a professional landscaper, gardener, or mathematician to know how hard it is to trim a shrub into a perfect circle. Plus, once you have trimmed your plant into a circle, you have to keep returning with those pesky garden scissors to maintain that beautiful rounded shape. Nobody has time for that! This is where 3rd Street Inn steps in. Artificial topiary balls require absolutely zero elbow grease. The artificial aspect is also great for the people out there who manage to kill every plant they bring home. You know who you are…and we understand everyone can't have a green thumb. But we all do love plants and that natural, fresh vibe they can bring into any space. Keep reading to learn how to enhance and add decor diversity into your home, business, or event with artificial, yet 100% natural looking topiary balls. 

3rd Street Inn has 27 different styles of the highest quality, most realistic, artificial topiary balls on the market. We really have it all; lighted balls, boxwood topiary balls, floral topiaries, faux topiary assortments, small balls, large balls, and more. All of our topiary balls are sturdy, waterproof, and can withstand the dangers of the great outdoors.

With multiple sizes and plant types available, the possibilities are endless! 3rd Street Inn topiary balls look great hanging, on mantels, in planters, displayed as table centerpieces, and more. You'll see more inspiration pictures as make your way through the blog! We hope you can get all up in your creative feels!

Yes, we have balls with white flowers included in their greenery, but with the net-like backing on the ball, adding your own floral spice is easy. Simply slide in the real or faux flowers by the stem. If your DIY masterpiece is going outside, secure the stem into the ball with floral wire or hot glue. That way you don't have to worry about the flowers blowing away.


Floral topiary balls are perfect for anything involving Summer and Spring; wedding decor; and baby and bridal showers. But remember, just your regular topiary balls can be suitable for popping in some green hues and textures to your events as well. Check out the pictures down below!

Trust us, using topiary balls will shine just a bright as any ordinary candle stick would! All you have to do is attach the little balls to any candle holder that suits your event. Don't be afraid to try some DIY topiary candle creations in your home or business as well. Also, another elegant look pictured in the left image is beyond easy to achieve. Whether your guests are sitting on pews, seats, hay bails, add some topiary balls as decor. Adding natural elements is a must have these days. Simply tie a thread or ribbon that matches your color scheme around the internal netting. Just that easy to add hues of vibrant lively green! -- Pictures courtesy of www.totallandscapecare.com and www.evergreendirect.co.uk --

It’s no doubt that lights add a fresh and clean element to any atmosphere. Whether you’re a fan of streaming fairy lights across your bedroom or porch; adding outside lights for hosting cocktail parties, or just switching on the lamps at night to add a cozy effect, these lighted topiary balls will be your new best friend. Plants + lights = one word: trendy. Plants and lights have always been in season, but it seems like the trend is really thriving for both elements right now. 3rd Street Inn lighted balls are the perfect mixture of the two.

Oh! And, don't be afraid to add fairy lights to the topiary balls you already have. Simply just stream the lights around the entirety of the ball and watch it GLOW. Easy!  

3rd Street Inn lighted topiary balls come with a simple remote to adjust the power, mode, timer, and dimness of the lights. You have the opportunity to pick from 8 different modes, set the mood with the dimmer button (romantic!), and set timers for how long you wish to have them shine bright. 

Lighted topiary balls look stunning all year round, but if you're looking to add a contemporary element to your holiday decorations, this your opportunity. Place a few on the front porch, hang them from your balcony, set them atop your dinner table as a centerpiece.

3 in 1! 3rd Street Inn topiary ball assortments are perfect for stacking on top of each other. But if you don’t fancy the snowman look, this assortment gives you the chance to have a variety of sizes placed in different sized pots, planters, vases, and centerpieces. With variety comes diversity. You can purchase different sized planters to hold your assortment. Or use some planters you already own. But the look of small, medium, and large topiary balls matched with planters is to die for. Having different height levels is key when it comes to decor.

So, do you have the balls to step out of the ordinary with 3rd Street Inn topiary balls? LOL! Yes, of course you do :) Find us on Amazon or our Website.

Thank you for reading! Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns! We'd love to hear from you. -----support@3rdstreetinn.com

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Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Aren't quite sure you want to fully replace your patio yet? Living in an apartment and can’t change the flooring under your lease? 3rd Street Inn deck tiles might be the answer you’re looking for. Permanent or temporary, we have you covered. Is it time to change up your space with a fresh flooring option you may have never known existed?

You might be thinking what are deck tiles? Are they just for the deck? What the deck?! Well, we have all the answers surrounding these resilient, economical flooring tiles. Keep reading to see all the interesting, efficient ways to work with deck tiles. 

Before we get into the different outcomes you can achieve with interlocking deck tiles, we’re going to cover all the background information you need to know before jumping in with 3rd Street Inn!

Firstly, 3rd Street Inn decking tiles are made out of 100% solid acacia hardwood. This makes for a beautiful, scratch resistant finish. These patio tiles are easily installed by a simple snap technique. We offer 5 different colors, each in two varying designs. You can even cut tiles in half to get 6 inch slabs very easily! The same goes for trimming the tile; grab a cordless jig saw and fire away to make sure the tiles fit exactly how you need it corner to corner. To add the cherry on top, there is no hardware needed to install these sturdy, wooden beauties.

There really isn't a space that 3rd Street Inn decking tiles cannot fit and HGTV ‘flip’. Let’s cover all the ways you can totally change the aesthetic and appeal of your home, apartment, business, or venue.

Inside & Outside

3rd Street Inn deck tiles can be used both indoors and outdoors. The versatility of our wood products means you can bring the same beautiful hardwood from the indoors to the outdoors, and vice-versa. Everyone loves a matchy - matchy design vibe. It's just that easy to make everything feel congruent and together in your desired space. 

Showers to Saunas

Sick of seeing your moldy shower floors and dated 50’s tiled bathroom flooring? get rid of your stale bathroom feel, easily snap in some forest-fresh tiles and change the game; 3rd Street Inn acacia wooden tiles bring a natural vibe along with them. Deck tiles are perfect for any place that could get wet like showers, bathrooms, and saunas. 

Get That Pool Deck Poppin' Again

Lucky enough to own a pool? Well, lucky you! But are you truly giving your surrounding pool deck the love and care it needs? Give your pool patio a face lift by simply installing 3rd Street Inn interlocking deck tiles. Don't worry about the wood eroding due to the constant splashes of water and dripping feet, our acacia tiles are good-to-go in the water sector. A pool or hot tub is most likely your entertainment area… so let it shine. Invite guests over, pull out the tiki bar, and have

yourselves a pool party! Your guests will admire all your DIY hard work. 

Patios, Porches & Decks

It might be time to retire the old, splintering wooden front porch. With that being said, you might not have time in your busy lifestyle to undergo renovations. We get it. Easily disguise the old rotting wood with new, scratch resistant deck tiles in the snap of your fingers. Simply lay the new tiling over the old wood and secure it in place. Spend less time and money while still getting the look you deserve. Decks and patios are meant to be a space for family bonding and relaxation. If you have lost that sense of togetherness on your abandoned porch, try 3rd Street Inn deck tiles. They will change the entire vibe and possibly change up your boring family routine of watching TV every night. Get outside and get to know each other!

FYI - Even if your patio flooring isn't necessarily rotting or going out-of-style, you can always use deck tiles as your first choice when building your deck. Plus, you will save your hard earned money by going for the more eco-friendly and DIY option.

Apartment? No Problem!

Apartment, condo, and townhouse people listen up! You can still change the flooring in your rental space… and it’s all temporary. So don't worry about being kicked out or handed a huge fine. Cover up your 30 year old carpet floor easily with… yes you guessed it… 3rd Street Inn deck tiles! You can easily remove the tiles whenever you need. There are always alternatives to make your living space a bit brighter and in-tune with your personal style. 

You may not know this from taking your first glance, but these checkered wooden tiles are actually sitting on top of existing tile. So, for you folks stuck in a drab apartment shower situation... life isn't over yet! A simple, temporary fix.

Event Stress? Tune It Out and Try DIY

Picture this: You are hosting a bridal shower for your daughter. Your don't have a patio but you do have a grassy backyard. You would love the bring guests outside to enjoy the lovely Spring weather, but the grass just wont cut it. In short: you need to expand your venue space. Well, you can make your own patio in whichever fashion you want it. Add some cute chairs and lanterns and just like that you have an inviting outdoor space. Forget about the installation process taking up your sweet precious time. If you're hosting a party, business event, wedding, baby shower or anything regarding fun; food and drinks; and people? We promise, with 3rd Street Inn deck tiles, it's beyond easy to accommodate your space with a new look. Being a host can be stressful, but it really does not have to be. 

Not only can you save money by implanting these floors yourself, but you also get to hold the DIY pride that you did it all by yo-self! Bring in the wooden, earthy vibes into your design style. Of course, everyone has their own personal touch, but we're positive you will find a color and style that suits your preferences! Ready to purchase today? Find us on Amazon or our website.

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read our blog. We appreciate you! Want to share your installations with us? Email us photos at support@3rdstreetinn.com today!

- 3rd Street Inn Crew

Written by: Grayson Toal

Copyright 2019 3rd Street Inn®

Photo credits to all of our lovely customers for sending in the photos that were used in this blog.

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Updated: Sep 11, 2019

If you're running on a tight wedding budget, incorporating faux greenery panels is always a good idea. We’re talkin’ about crafting with boxwood paneling to make a beautiful backdrop that can be implemented anywhere in your celebration. Don’t worry about the steep florist prices or wilted, crippling foliage. 3rd Street Inn’s artificial boxwood panels give you top quality for a reasonable price, and carry a rich, dark green hue that imitates a natural boxwood plant. This boxwood backdrop idea does not have to be limited solely to a picturesque photo or spotlight area; any wall, door, picture frame, or mirror can be easily decorated as well. Plants carry a fresh feel with them and this DIY is your opportunity to bring light to any iffy or dull areas in your venue.

This blog will lay out the recipe for creating a perfect and affordable greenery wedding backdrop. We’re going to give various options for hanging or nailing in your panels. We understand that not every wedding space is the exact same and every bride has their own specific taste!

prepping DIY greenery wedding backdrop

As one would guess, the larger the space you would like to cover, the more expensive the project will end up being. Keep that in mind when planning, as well as the measurements so you know the exact number of greenery panels to purchase. Are you fully or partially decorating an existing wall in your venue? Or just bringing in your own decorated board? Take a walk through your venue and

see where your DIY artificial boxwood masterpiece would truly shine. 

Just like each venue has its differences, the recipe for this project is loose and not fixed; or as a cook book might add, the ingredients will vary. If you are renting out an area for your wedding, it would probably be off-limits to nail your boxwood backdrop into the wall. There are many options to get around the whole permanent nail in the wall thing. Here’s some examples so you can start brainstorming what would work best for you.

  1. Tie your completed boxwood panels to a backdrop stand with ribbons or rustic rope. The boxwood project will simply hang down from the bar up above. You can find cheap backdrop stands on Amazon and Walmart

  2. Secure your panels to plywood. Dig through your garage and storage areas, or go to the hardware store, and pick up some cheap plywood pieces. Depending on what area you would like to feature your project, make adjustments to the board to fit the square, rectangle, or even circle idea. 

  3. Attach your artificial boxwood panels to any unused bulletin or peg board, canvas, frame, or really anything you can find lying around in your home or at a yard sale. One man's trash is another man's treasure!

  4. If the space allows you, certainly go for the easiest outlet and attach your boxwood panels to the wall using nails, hooks, command strips, velcro, or any other way your smart mind can think of!

Secure the 3rd Street Inn panels together by simply snapping the pieces into one another. Once you hear the satisfying snap noise, you know you're all good and it’s tucked into place. We know you are excited, but make sure you wait till you get to the reception space or wherever you plan on arranging your project before actually assembling it. But if you have a large amount of space in your car or a smaller project to work on, go nuts! 

You probably have your color scheme picked out and ready to go. Whether your wedding and reception will be held in a rustic barn venue, classy uptown ballroom, or natural picturesque park, boxwood panels can be customized to fit your style. Your local dollar store is a great way to head for finding cheap faux flower and greenery options.

Since these panels have a secure netting behind the foliage, attaching real or faux flowers, woodcut or balloon lettering is easy. Just make sure to fully secure your additions with wire or sturdy thread. We don't want the large wooden initials falling down on the mother-in-law’s head while she's posing for a picture…ouch!

Now that your panels are all decorated and in their tip-top shape, it's time to figure out how you would like to secure your artificial greenery backdrop if you don’t already know how to. Refer to the four options we listed in the Prepping section of the blog if you are having trouble figuring out which option is best for you. 

Whichever route you decide to take, this DIY is the perfect opportunity to get together with some friends, let off some stressful wedding steam, and let your creative juices flow. It’s always easiest to pay someone else to arrange your decorations, but it takes guts and imagination to be your own designer. Remember to take pride in your own creations, you are a go-getter. 

Best of luck and thanks for stopping by!

- The 3rd Street Inn Crew

Want to share your installations with us? Email us photos at support@3rdstreetinn.com today!

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