Add a touch of luxury to your life with 3rd Street Inn® Artificial Greenery Panels. 3rd Street Inn® greenery panels will bring any wall, fence, or space to life. Add our greenery panels to your home, office, or wedding decor for a feel unlike any other. Our artificial hedge panels connect together using easy snap assembly to create a lifelike artificial living wall that provides privacy and helps hide unattractive objects in your yard or on your patio. The best part about faux greenery is there's no maintenance, trimming, or upkeep, leaving you with stunning greenery year round.



Beautiful hedge, provides the right amount of privacy on my small open patio facing my neighbors house. Easy to assemble, looks real from a distance.

Rosalind B.

White Cuckoo Greenery Panel Customer

Used this to fill in around a wall mounted garden in my sun room! Took about 40min to hang, and I cut pieces to fit with a pair of household scissors. This is the 12pc kit coverage. Looks better if you ruffle the seams a little to make them flatter.

Mara M.

Juniper Greenery Panel Customer

I used this Artificial hedge to cover some of the items on my balcony. It makes my balcony instantly bright, nice & relaxing with just the right amount of green. I am very satisfied with the product. Highly recommended.

Jasmine H.

Juniper Greenery Panel Customer

I had never heard of artificial hedges until I came across 3rd Street Inn. I contacted the seller and spoke in depth with them regarding the product. Great customer service, promptly shipped, and great quality for artificial Decor. Very pleased with the product as well as the seller.

Barbara P.

Boxwood Greenery Panel Customer

I reviewed so many versions of similar greenery products. I thought my head would explode! This just arrived today and I love it, love It, LOVE IT! Just ordered another set! 12-pack conveniently packaged in a secure single box. Nice coloring, high-quality. Easy to handle. Good connections. Just what I wanted for use as Garden Wedding backdrop. Hope to share pictures after the event.

Vait B.

Gardenia Greenery Panel Customer

Love this - very realistic. 

Susan S.

Boxwood Greenery Panel Customer

Looks great, timely and efficient delivery exceeded my expectations.

Chia M.

Boxwood Greenery Panel Customer

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These turned out great. They were pretty easy to put together ( and if done right) hang nicely. I added some bee lights and made a nice little fake garden wall in my living room. Won't be up forever, but at least a year to make the NYC winter a little happier.

Spike S.

White Cuckoo Flower Greenery Mat Customer

Putting it together was easy, although you might want to orient the pieces prior to hanging them. 2 of the sides are 'male' and the other 2 are female connectors. If you don't put them all in the same orientation, the pieces won't line up correctly. It is nice and lightweight, and they are covered in some sort of waxy material.

Albee B.

Jasper Faux Greenery Panel Customer

Amazing. It looks so real, the density is great in not being able to see through it (or almost not being able to see through it if you don't have something already behind it). Easy to snap the pieces together and hang. LOVE IT!!! Wish it were less expensive, but it's a reasonable value given the high quality.


Jasper Faux Greenery Panel Customer

I used these mats to knock down noise a generator makes when running.
Testing various areas around when running- it seems to be about 5db quieter. I'll take it!
Very easy to cut and hang vertically. I put screws at top where sections join and let it hang. I was covering lattice and used plastic wire-ties where needed to brace and hold sections to lattice.

Richard F.

Faux Boxwood Greenery Panel Customer

I wasn’t sure about this product but I have to say I love it. It worked perfectly in the little area I wanted. In fact I just ordered more because I’m sure I can find another spot

Sarah L.

Juniper Greenery Panel Customer

This is exactly what I was looking for at a good price. It looks so beautiful and natural, and has a definite "wow factor" for indoor spaces. Pretty simple to assemble and fluff multiple pieces (took a little elbow grease), and is covered in a waxy substance as everyone else is saying - just fyi. Looks great in both natural and artificial light. It's pretty lightweight, and I even installed mine on the wall with Command hooks. It's the kind of thing you'll love so much you'll have to be careful not to overdo it and cover your house in it.

Amy C.

Juniper Greenery Panel Customer

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