3rd Street Inn® Expandable Greenery Trellises are perfect for adding stylish privacy to any space! The lattice backing expands and contracts to fit a broad range of sizes. Connect multiple trellises for quick and easy privacy or use a single trellis to quickly cover up a small eyesore. No maintenance and no trimming makes this expandable lattice look amazing all year round and leaves you worry free! 



I had no idea this existed until I stumbled upon it. I love that the panels can be tight or pulled out to be longer. I put them on a rod iron fence for privacy. Liked it so much, I bought more. My neighbors love the look and are buying them too. I got the laurel leaves.

Amy D.

Laurel Leaf Greenery Lattice Customer

Used it to sort of enclose my front porch although you can see through it, it really give a great touch of privacy

Tracey B.

Laurel Leaf Greenery Lattice Customer

This greenery I used to hide some gas lines. I was surprised how real it actually looks. Took very little time to install.

Echo H.

Laurel Leaf Expandable Lattice Customer

We LOVE this product. Love that the greenery is attached to bamboo sticks, makes the back side look great too. Also, you can expand to any width you want (depending on privacy level you want). We ended up using 4 panels for this area to maximize the privacy. Our patio backs into a very major street in DC. Couldn’t recommend this product more. If I don’t edit this review by September 2019, the greenery survived the hot and humidity of Washington DC!

Dorina T.

White Rose Rattan Expandable Lattice Customer

It looks very pretty and natural. Very easy to install and adjustable. I hope it survives weather conditions. It’s too soon to tell but so far I’m very happy I bought this.

May M.

Gardinia Leaf Expandable Greenery Trellis Customer

We only bought one to try out and we’re about to buy four more. We are looking right into a motel next door and we wanted to give a sense of privacy to our second floor deck. It ties well with our beach them deck.

Bradon D.

Laurel Leaf Greenery Trellis Customer

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Exceeded my expectations! Perfect finish to our pretty trellis swing! Well made, and easy to put up.

Faye M.

Gardenia Leaf Greenery Trellis Customer

If you live in an apartment building with balconies and a high school across the street, this bamboo ivy greenery privacy fence is perfect! We first bought 2 individual trellises and once we received them, we bought four more for added coverage. The quality looks great as it gives this sense of nature outside our city balcony. I no longer have to see the terrible view of the back of the school. The one downfall is the smell of plastic but that seems to be burning off as the weeks go by. If you are looking for privacy and don't know which of all the different products of this kind they are; rest assured this is a good buy. Bamboo is fragile and some pieces can break easily. We used zip ties to hold it in place and so far I love the privacy. It can be pricey but it's worth it. They seem durable and more than anything you don't have to water them.

Jack J.

Gardenia Leaf Greenery Trellis Customer

If you do not know, when you see this product in place, you will think you are looking at a well trimmed and healthy privacy hedge. Exactly what we were looking for, and we will be buying more of it.

Bishop R.

Laurel Leaf Greenery Trellis Customer

We got the laurel leaf trellis panels to create additional shade for our pergola. We are so happy with the turnout! The panels provide the shade we need and also create a great overall look and ambiance!

Nick L.

Laurel Leaf Greenery Trellis Customer

Absolutely love this product. Very easy install and made a huge difference in our backyard.

Jenna R.

Gardenia Leaf Greenery Trellis Customer

Very realistic.

Cat. M.

Pink Flower Sakura Greenery Trellis Customer

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